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Those looking to replace a roof or build a new one for a brand new home are always faced with the same question: What is the best roof shingle? The right answer is the one that provides the best solution to your particular needs as a homeowner. By taking a closer look at some of the options available, it can be much easier to make a final decision. Among the more popular options these days are asphalt, cedar, and slate. Each has a unique set of attributes that make them great choices, but no single option is the be-all and end-all of roofing materials. The decision rests largely on the shape of the home, its structural integrity, the tastes of the owner, and the desired life expectancy of the product.


For a homeowner looking for a simple leak-proof roof, asphalt shingles are the most common option. They’re available in several colours and can last anywhere from fifteen to 30 years. They’re cost-effective and can be installed on just about any roof. Like any other roofing project, it’s best left to the professionals due to the importance of creating tight seals around flashing and vents. A certified and insured roofer is the best choice for any roofing project and can help to save thousands of dollars and countless headaches brought on by poor installation.


Cedar shingles are a more luxurious choice that has a lot going for it. When treated and installed by a certified and insured roofer, they are fire retardant and resist mould and fungal growth efficiently. They also add a touch of class and elegance to a home that can’t be matched by asphalt shingles. Cedar is substantially more durable than even the most rugged asphalt and is an ideal selection for Canadians as heavy snow, ice, rain, and wind are handled without issue. Cedar shingles have been known to last well over a hundred years when maintained properly, so investing in a maintenance program with a reputable roofing company is an excellent add-on.


Slate is among the best roof shingle option on the market today. For centuries it’s been used to effectively block out the elements and increase the curb appeal and market value of homes. Slate is naturally fire retardant, impervious to insect damage, and is available in a spectacular array of colours, sizes, and thickness. Most experts agree that a slate roof with a proper maintenance program can have an average life expectancy of about 150 years. One important thing to know about slate roofing is that it is substantially heavier than most other choices on the market today. In some cases, a roof will need to be reinforced to support the weight of the roof. For this reason, and the others previously mentioned, an experienced and professional roofer is required for installation.
So, what is the best roof shingle? That depends on you. There are fantastic selections available from the most respectable roofers in the GTA, and if you’ve got questions, they’d be happy to talk you through the options that best suit your home and personal tastes. A simple consultation with the finest in the industry could be all it takes to transform your home into something spectacular.


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